Once Dating App

Once, one quality encounter per day

The Once dating app wants to slow down the frequency of contacts to end up with a single profile proposal per day, to take the time to actually know the person. For all those who are tired of swiping from one photo to another, which are lost in the number of profiles proposed on the apps of encounter or feel oppressed at the idea of ​​never having The leisure of being able to stop on a profile, Once proposes precisely time! 24 hours to study a profile, get to know and be sure that the person behind his screen is only discussing with you!

On this young dating app, you are fully taken care of. After a quick inscription, also possible via Facebook, your profile filled in and the sending of your telephone number and a few photos, you only have to wait to receive your new face to face daily from noon. After accessing his profile and photos, you can choose whether to contact him or not. Then, if both members agree, conservation begins. Otherwise, you will have to wait until noon to see you present a new profile (or switch to the paid subscription to have the right to “force the destiny” a second time …).

Once and its matchmakers

An algorithm is in charge of making a first sort, notably according to the geolocation, but it is about fifty matchmakers who are responsible for designating your daily meeting. According to the founder of the site, it is first based on the profile photos and then on the socio-professional category that these go-betweens are based.

So, depending on whether you are a great brown-haired banker, you will more easily encounter a beautiful young woman secretary-accountant. The clichés seem to be de rigueur on Once.

Also, a kind of memoring keeps your preferences: if you accept blond women several times, these are the profiles that will be privileged for your future face to face. If you had preferred men over 40 years, the go-betweens of Once will give you priority.

Once is an app that wants to renew the genre but if wanting to “go slowly” or slow dating is a concept that can please, the too targeted choices of matchmakers can sometimes disappoint and keep you in the same circle of relationships too usual.

Once is  the opposite of Tinder

The application of encounters on smartphone offers a soul mate per day via a human matchmaker.

Once is defined as the opposite of Tinder or Happn, the leaders of dating apps on smartphones. Here, the user is offered a different profile every day, chosen by human traders. If there is a “match”, a tete-a-tete engages the two persons for a maximum day. During this period, the person can not access other profiles. . So the entrepreneur intends to surf the concept of “slow-dating” that would be the opposite of speed-dating. An analogy of “slow food”, opposed to “fast food”.

Once also presents itself as an application of “Serious dating” for urban 20-30 year olds. “The girls, it frustrates them a sick thing the existing offer. What they want is just to find a guy a little fun and cool,” says Jean Meyer, who prides himself on having more women than ” Men on its application.

Matching instructions

But what are the criteria that come into play to connect two people? Jean Meyer reveals part of his secret. “There are two approaches in matching for dating sites, the first one that we do not use is to bring together two people who would have the same tastes but that does not work in reality.” The second is to say that the two elements The most important, which account for 90% of the matching, is the mutual physical attraction and the social background “.

For physical attraction, Once uses a system similar to that of Netflix. “If you put 5 stars in Jurrassic Park, we will offer you dinosaurs movies, details the young boss of 33 years, and the application will gradually record the physical preferences of the users in order to offer them profiles Which correspond to their tastes.

The “social background” aspect is simpler. Social homogamy, so dear to Bourdieu, is used to its fullest. People have access to the trade, the company and the training of the person. The remaining 10% of the matching depends on the friends in common.

Freemium model

The service is free but the user can pay to get a second chance with a person or buy 24 hours of someone’s attention by choosing the person he wants his profile to be sent out of a score of proposals. A choice not so innocent that that will cost between 1 and 2 euros per operation depending on the volume of credits bought. Because the person who will not buy the service will not be aware of the maneuver and will think that it is a go-between that proposes the profile that it will discover.

Once dating app is more about quality than quantity!

Explained by the creator of Once, it gives that. “If you do not find the match of the day well, we are sorry that our matchmakers are rotten, I can present twenty different ones, rather not bad, because I know your criteria.You can choose one and you will buy 24 hours of his attention with her, she thinks that it is the algorithm that has matched you, so it will have a lot of value and at most it will cost you two euros.

The mobile applications to make dating there is a package and in the end it all resemble more or less. Once, the little news, stands out clearly from the others. If on Tinder, Lovoo or even Hot Or Not, the principle is to match a max, on Once it’s all the reverse!

Once, a new concept of online dating:

Before entering into the details of Once, its use etc. Let’s talk a bit about what’s behind it.

Once, was initially launched in the United States, by the young French entrepreneur and in bonus Toulouse, Jean Meyer.

Known already for its application DateMySchool, also in the USA, which allows users to meet people they have attended university. A little in the image of friends from before us ..

Once, will soon be launched in France and in 20 other European countries. Moreover the application is gilded and already translated and will be available in 7 different languages!

This “Anti-Tinder” has therefore a good future ahead of him, and even if the concept of slow-dating unlike speed-dating, seems to be wobbly at first, going into the details one realizes that Everything was thought!

So how does it work?

As I said earlier, Once is an application of “Slow-Dating” or in other words, on Once, one takes its time.

Moreover its creator is clear the subject and affirms:

On Once there is no question of zapper / liker / switch (as you want) profiles to turn around to explode his matching scores.

No, here, every new day that passes Once, offers you a profile and a single profile. Matchmakers therefore have 1 profile matching your search.

If you feel like it, you can force fate and contact that person. You will then have 24 hours, no more no less, to seduce or not this person and match.

During this same period you will not be able to access, consult and get in touch with other profiles!

It will have to play fine, because you will only have a chance of 24, to seduce this person.

For those who want to know if the Match Makers profile does not suit them, there is an option to change and opt for a new selection.